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In The House

Jan 12, 2022

"Inflation is on the rise, the housing market is predicted to have another explosive year, and with interest rates hiking, how do you invest in real estate successfully? Alisa Aragon-Lloyd was in real estate sales for over 15 years and obtained her mortgage license in 2011. Not only is she a financing and leasing expert, she's a regular contributor to the New Home & Condo Guide, the Director of HAVAN (Home Builders Association Vancouver), and actively teaches high school students about financial literacy.


In this episode, you will learn about:

- Strategically obtain a mortgage or loan when you are a self-employed business owner

- Creative solutions to building a real estate investment portfolio

- What goes on during the time between submitting an accepted offer to the final approval

- How the mortgage deferral program has affected the financial wellbeing for households

- Choosing between variable or fixed rates and where interest rates are headed in 2022

- Why the lowest interest rates may not be the best mortgage term for your clients

- How to build trust and partnerships with real estate agents"