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In The House

Jan 5, 2022

LNG Studios are dedicated innovators with tech-forward solutions helping developers and marketing teams provide a comprehensive visual story to sell their pre-sale projects. With over 1500 real estate projects in over 28 countries in their portfolio, LNG Studios offers a wide range of services including photorealistic renderings, animation, and interactive touchscreens, immersive experiences such as virtual and augmented reality, and video and drone production.  Leon Ng, founder and CEO of LNG Studios, started this award winning creative visualization agency just over 12 years ago and his company continues to be a pioneer in the 3D visualization community.
At 33 years old, Leon combines his love for gaming, filmmaking, entertainment, and volunteering which recently won him Canada's Top 40 Under 40 - an award that identifies young achievers in Canadian businesses who inspire others to innovate and give back to their communities.  In this episode, you'll also hear his story on how he overcame racism, growing up with stereotypical parents, and his passion for experimental projects that attract collaborators into the industry.