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In The House

Dec 22, 2021

When people work, they want to know they have something special to contribute. They want to know what they are doing is unique to their individual strengths. A person’s superpower is their particular genius - a specific skill that is their secret sauce and you’ll often find that when applying it, they feel more fulfilled and purposeful. This episode we explore what every real estate agent possess and it’s knowing their very own superpower and how they’ve managed to magnify it in their business to become successful. To identify your own superpower, you must know what you bring to the table, why people come to you, and what would people miss out on if you were to leave. Is it your vulnerability, or your observation skills, or your power to influence? Let’s explore all these mindful steps you need to take to activate your inner superpower. Once you identify this, you will be indispensable to your client!