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In The House

Dec 8, 2021

The Zonda Urban team, formerly known as Urban Analytics, is a group of advisors and market analysts providing data-driven market insight and analysis. Their advisory team is on hand to interpret data, evaluate opportunities, and prepare recommendations to real estate industry stakeholders to make better decisions. Their combined 40+ years of experience in data reporting, project audits, and public presentations make Zonda Urban a trusted resource to developers, planners, and financial institutions. Now rapidly expanding to Edmonton, Calgary, and the United States, Jasmine Cracknell-Young joined Zonda Urban this Summer as Vice President Market Advisory.

In 2019, Jasmine was selected by the Toronto Chapter as a Women's Leadership Initiative Champion in recognition of being an influential woman in real estate development and city building. Jasmine shares her perspective of the market across Canada, the quantitative and qualitative tools needed to assess a market, and the education and skills you must have become a real estate market research analyst. You'll want to tune in to learn how their comprehensive data will give you a competitive edge helping your clients make better, informed decisions with confidence and clarity.