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In The House

Dec 2, 2020

In this week's episode with Harmonie Vachon, you will learn the 5 essential steps on how to start a Youtube channel plus gain loyal subscribers to keep coming back to your channel.  We know being on social media for beginners can be scary and overwhelming. Harmonie teaches us the basics of getting in front of the camera, what type of content you should be posting, and how to grow a Youtube channel from scratch.  Understanding how the algorithms work behind each video and collaborating with other influencers are just some of the tips she gives away to stay on top of mind of your subscribers!
Harmonie is a creative digital content producer and she teaches us how to build an online community by leveraging the power of YouTube.  Her advice comes from her online presence on making videos about West Coast living as well as her training with Vancouver Film School. 
Check her out on Youtube:
Recommended Book: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport