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In The House

Nov 25, 2020

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you weren't alone in a room?  While it's particularly easy to pay attention to details like the neighbourhood, price, size, and condition of a property, what if you come across a property that is haunted or was associated with an organized crime?  When a property carries an unfavourable quality or is unattractive to the buyer or tenant that is completely unrelated to the physical condition or features in a home, then it's referred to as a stigmatized property.  This includes a suicide or death in the property, a property that is vandalized, or a property was a former grow op.
Toni and Jenny share their own experience of buying and selling stigmatized properties.  They discover that the degrees of what one might find acceptable may not be acceptable to another.  Tune in this week to learn the steps you need to take as a real estate professional when representing your buyer or seller on a stigmatized property.