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In The House

Nov 18, 2020

Simon Bray, President of Real Estate Wire (, gives us a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and their online experience to help real estate agents understand their potential customers.  Equipped with in-depth consumer data, REW is empowering real estate agents to make informed business decisions.  Important insights such as the impact the crisis has made on a customer's willingness to purchase online and the role digital marketing platforms play to connect you with the customer will help your business adapt to their changing perceptions.
Reaching over 18M+ page views per month, REW acts as your partner and provides a real estate marketplace and information hub to connect home seekers and real estate agents online.  Their suite of digital solutions can help develop highly-targeted marketing campaigns delivering an optimal level of engagement.  On the backend, REW offers a Market Pro Dashboard enabling agents to monitor the performance of their listings and competition using a lead tracking system and listing performance analysis charts.
Their disclaimer: Get Results That Matter! Side Effects May Cause Increased Leads, Sales, And Uncontrollable Europhia!