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In The House

Nov 4, 2020

"Are you in your Strength Zone?" Connie Buna asks us this profound question.  "Are you in a place where you are shining or are you just spinning in a hamster wheel.  This includes your relationships, work, all your passion projects.  We are gifted in so many ways to be in powerful positions to fill us up to be awesome." 
Connie Buna, Managing Broker of Keller Williams Realty VanCentral and a Medallion Award winning real estate agent, admits it's been a strange and hard year, but staying connected and accountable using the 4-1-1 goal planning has kept her on track with her weekly, quarterly, monthly, and yearly targets for 50+ of personal production in deals.  The one advice she gives to all new agents stepping into this business is, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned."  She teaches us how to streamline the business using her referral system and leveraging the strengths of her team.
Connie is one of the most inspirational mentors in our business with a passion for housing stability, LGBTQ/2S rights and social justice. She's also a vocalist for local band, Queer As Funk. Tune in to hear her sing too!
Recommended Book By Connie Buna: Me and White Supremacy by @laylafsaad
Band IG: @queerasfunk