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In The House

Jun 29, 2022

Are you a new agent? How does one stay profitable and productive in a shifting market? We are located in Vancouver, Canada - with global macro economic changes, rising costs of living, inflation, and multiple interest rate hikes our market has changed from a sellers market to a more balanced one. When the real estate market landscape shifts it's important to focus on positive outcomes and be vigilant for new opportunities. There is no reason to be afraid of a changing market - Productive agents succeed in any market. In this episode we share our top tips for new licensees and seasoned realtors on how to capitalize on a changing market and remain profitable. 1.Talk to more people - start with your COI, past clients & referrals. 2.Lead Generation and meeting new clients to increase your production. 3.Networking and having fun. 4.Relationship building and streamlined processes with existing clients. 5.Upgrade Everything - Systems. 6.Utilizing Online Platforms. 7.Managing costs. No matter what year of your real estate career you are in - there are actionable items you can do today to increase your profitability and maximize your business.