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In The House

Jun 8, 2022

Feng shui strategies go beyond just moving space, adding the right colours, and direction. Integrating the five natural elements of metal, water, fire, wood, and earth​, feng shui examines the correlation between our lives and the universe. Marlyna Los approaches each client with a unique and customized feng shui analysis by assessing the architectural contributions, magnetic forces, and astronomy thus giving practical advice and solutions to strengthen energy flow.

Marlyna Los is a feng shui master, consultant, coach, educator and author of 'Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?'. The purpose of feng shui is to present you with choices so that you can consciously choose and create environments that support and nourish your life, and introduce you to a state of harmony, happiness, good health and prosperity. In this episode, we talk about Marlyna's studies over the years to broaden her philosophy, her approach to profiling and analysis so you can consciously make choices to create real positive change, and her advanced mastery programs to apply feng shui to your personal and professional life. "Life is easier when you are in the flow", says Los.