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In The House

Jun 1, 2022

Battling with a messy spreadsheet of lead contacts or a CRM that offers buttons and tools you don't know how to use? A customer relationship management (CRM) system can be your best friend and a business-changing tool, if you know how to use it.  REACH for Agents is a simplified CRM that allows you to cultivate relationships in a healthy pipeline ultimately saving you time and brain power.  The key features: contacts vs lead database, call list functionality for quick follow ups, and automated task and workflow prompts.  This simplified CRM allows you to grow your business and convert like a machine.  One of the most affordable platforms available in the market, REACH is a low investment cost of $30 CAD per month and can be integrated with your Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Mailchimp.
Cam Walker is more than just the average real estate agent.  A serial entrepreneur tapping into the Christmas light installation business to wrapping luxury vehicles, Cam founded REACH for Agents.  With more than a decade of real estate experience, he is a top producer with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and lives in North Vancouver.