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In The House

Sep 29, 2021

Business Owner and Lawyer Cynthia Lam is pioneering the way Clients perceive law firms. Veering away from traditional models of overworking and non-work life balance. Her teams culture is based on growth mindset, transparency and active client communication. 
In this episode, Cynthia shares insights into key areas of...

Sep 22, 2021

David Collins, President and CEO of Real Marketing, brings over two decades of real estate marketing experience.  His visionary thinking has generated billions of dollars in real estate sales for his clients.  David's marketing advice and programs provide a 
complete turnkey marketing solution ranging from farming a...

Sep 1, 2021

Is your performance in Q3 heading into the final quarter looking strong?  Now is the time to review your 90-day plan to meet or outperform your 2021 goals.  Toni and Jenny offer 5 simple strategies plus a bonus tip to keeping you aligned with your vision.  The first steps are all about setting your priorities, creating...